Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: OFB 2022--Scary, Spooky, and Suspenseful

Yaccarino, Dan.

"Bix lives with her family in a city where people rarely talk or play together, and no longer ... More

Hauke, Joshua.

In a postapocalyptic world where everyone has unusual abilities, Doom Thorax, whose only power is r... More

Rex, Michael.

Accidentally activated in a future world where only the savage survive, a life-size toy named Fred ... More

Reynolds, Justin A.

When the electricity goes out, twelve-year-old Eddie and his friends set out to investigate what is... More

White, Kiersten.

Twins Theo and Alexander and their sister Wil are abruptly dropped off at their Aunt Saffronia'... More

Uhrig, Betsy.

Best friends Aldo, Pen, and Jasper stumble onto an abandoned orphanage and discover that freeing a ... More

Hunter, H. D.

Cam Walker, the 12-year-old son of the creators of a traveling theme park called Futureland, must s... More

Stringfellow, Lisa.

Twelve-year-old Kela is still mourning her mother when she finds a mermaid's comb while she an... More

Howard, Greg.

"When a group of kids explore a deserted, haunted plantation they befriend a young ghost and t... More

Thilliez, Franck.

"Welcome to your nightmares. 14 year-olds Esteban and Tristan have a special after-school job.... More