Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: OFB 2022--Playful Books

Gómez, Blanca.

Sick at home, a young girl misses the costume party at school, so she decides to wear her rabbit co... More

Higgins, Ryan T.

Three mice guide readers on quest for a fun reading experience, with a reluctant Bruce as the star.... More

Lyall, Casey.

Young readers will have a hopping good time in this hilarious story about a witch who is having a h... More

Snyder, Laurel.

In this rhyming mash-up of many fairy tales, the reader is invited to follow Rosie down the many po... More

Perrin, Clotilde.

Look out! Three frightful monsters are coming - they want to gobble you up! Quick, hide inside thes... More

Rodari, Gianni.

Grandpa playfully recounts a familiar fairytale--or his version, at least--to his granddaughter, an... More

Higgins, Carter.

A tribute to all the special things in the world, whether big, small or somewhere in-between, from ... More

Hannigan, Kate.

"Do you ever wonder how video gaming was invented? What came before your PlayStation or Xbox? ... More

Shiga, Jason.

A "choose your own story" graphic novel. In a small medieval coastal town, the residents ... More

Skinner, Adam.

"Take a front-row seat, and relive history's greatest sports moments as they happened.&qu... More