Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: OFB 2022--Exploring the World

Faber, Polly.

"The sky is getting dark. In the city, a little girl is eating her dinner, brushing her teeth,... More

Heuer, Lourdes.

"On this airplane...Someone travels solo, two travel as one, three return and four set out. In... More

Pizzoli, Greg.

Do YOU like PIZZA? Because right now, somewhere in the world, someone is eating it. Did you know th... More

Maclear, Kyo.

A city can be many things: quiet and dreamy or buzzing with excitement, and this picture book explo... More

Marwan, Zahra.

"An evocative picture book that tells the true story of the author's immigration from Kuw... More

Sorell, Traci.

Because she has been very ill and weak, River cannot join in the dancing at this year's tribal... More

Compestine, Ying Chang.

What was the pandemic of the century like at the start? This swift, gripping novel captures not onl... More