Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: OFB 2022--Early Readers

Stone, Milo.

When bicycles go missing at Fairville Elementary School, it is up to nine-year-old Kim Webster to l... More

Dubois, Liz Goulet.

Duck and Cluck learn important lessons about manners and sharing when they each make their case for... More

Tabor, Corey R.

Ladies and gentlebugs, presenting the duke of the dandelion patch, champion of truth and justice, t... More

Ferry, Beth.

"Join Crab and Snail in the surf zone, where they think deep thoughts and have unforgettable s... More

Seltzer, Eric.

"What is more fun than bunnies reading? Reading about bunnies reading! Bookstore bunnies check... More

Otheguy, Emma.

Reina Ramos is excited about dressing up as Frida Kahlo for the class wax museum. Frida was a stron... More

Kurilla, Renée.

After planting a seed packet in the backyard, things don't go as expected for best friends Ann... More

Chanani, Nidhi.

"Kitana, a self-proclaimed Shark Princess, and her best friend Mack go on an underwater advent... More

Allen, Kari.

Maddie is the big sister. Mabel is the little sister. But who is actually in charge? Mabel, who nev... More

Price, Dorothy H.

J.C. is excited to join the new baseball team at the community center and show off his pitching ski... More

Cordell, Matthew.

"Cornbread LOVES planning. Poppy does not. Cornbread ADORES preparing. Poppy does not. Cornbre... More