Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Loving Day June 12

Alko, Selina.

A child in an interracial family wonders what his yet-to-be-born sibling will look like. ... More

Chung, Arree.

Each believing that their hue is the best, the three primary colors live in separate parts of the c... More

Lara, Carrie.

"Marvelous Maravilloso Me and My Beautiful Family is a story from the point of view of a young... More

Riley, Elliot.

Meet Jing and her family. Jing was adopted. Learn all about what being adopted means and how there ... More

Frazier, Sundee Tucker.

Twin daughters of interracial parents, eleven-year-olds Keira and Minna have very different skin to... More

Hitchcock, Shannon.

Also available in Overdrive. When a formerly segregated North Carolina town hires its first African... More

McKissack, Pat.

In 1954, when desegregation comes to Kirkland, Missouri, ten-year-old Rosemary faces many changes a... More

Standish, Ali.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Before: Ethan was always up for a laugh, always willing to ... More

Alko, Selina.

The story of interracial couple Mildred and Richard Loving, who got married in Washington, D.C., an... More

Fields, Julianna.

Describes the benefits and challenges multiracial families face in today's society, including ... More