Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Sydney Taylor Award for Jewish Childrens Books Winners, 1990-Present

Kusel, Susan, author.

In Washington, D.C., during the Great Depression, Muriel and her family have no money to prepare the... More

Hiranandani, Veera, author.

"New historical fiction from a Newbery Honor-winning author about how middle schooler Ariel Gol... More

Newman, Lesléa, author.

Inside the house, a boy prepares for the Passover ritual of welcoming Elijah--meanwhile, outside th... More

Wolkenstein, M. Evan, author.

Seventh-grader Will's Bar Mitzvah community service project, visiting an incurably ill older bo... More

Macy, Sue.

Over the last forty years, Aaron Lansky has jumped into dumpsters, rummaged around musty basements,... More

Palacio, R. J.

Also available in Hoopla. Tells the story of Julian's Grandmére's childhood as she, a Jew... More

Jenkins, Emily.

In 1912 New York, Gertie feels left out while Mama and her four older sisters cook Hanukkah dinner,... More

Auxier, Jonathan.

Also available in Overdrive. In nineteenth-century England, after her father's disappearance Na... More

Michelson, Richard.

Once there was a child without a friend. Ben-Zion's father insisted that his son speak only He... More

Gratz, Alan.

Also available in Overdrive. Although separated by continents and decades, Josef, a Jewish boy livi... More

Levy, Debbie.

Also available in Overdrive. Traces the achievements of the celebrated Supreme Court justice through... More

Gidwitz, Adam.

Also available in Overdrive. Crossing paths at an inn, thirteenth-century travelers impart the tales... More

Newman, Lesléa.

"Moshe Cotel was a composer who lived in a noisy building on a noisy street in a noisy city. B... More

Apelfeld, Aharon.

Also available in Overdrive. Adam and Thomas, two nine-year-old Jewish boys who survive World War I... More

Aylesworth, Jim.

A tailor's very old overcoat is recycled numerous times over the years into a variety of garme... More

Dauvillier, Loïc.

"A grandmother shares the story of her experiences in WWII with her grandchild in this graphic... More

Snyder, Laurel.

A child in Egypt tells what the Jews are experiencing in the days leading up to their flight from E... More

Polacco, Patricia.

A single china cup from a tea set left behind when Jews were forced to leave Russia helps hold a fa... More

Schwartz, Howard.

A grandfather introduces his grandson to the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam, a centuries-old conce... More

Deutsch, Barry.

Eleven-year-old Mirka Herschberg dreams of fighting dragons and spends her days honing her skills, ... More

Wayland, April Halprin.

On Rosh Hashanah, Izzy and his family make lists of the wrongs they have committed over the past ye... More

Friedman, Robin.

Also available in Hoopla. Although she longs to be an all-American girl, Roxanne, a timid, Israeli-... More

Engle, Margarita.

Escaping from Nazi Germany to Cuba in 1939, a young Jewish refugee dreams of finding his parents ag... More

Michelson, Richard.

Also available in Overdrive. Provides the story of the friendship of civil rights leader Martin Luth... More

Krensky, Stephen.

During the Revolutionary War, a Jewish soldier from Poland lights the menorah on the first night of... More

Littman, Sarah.

To be more like her best friend, eleven-year-old Justine decides to give up Judaism to become Catho... More

Davis, Aubrey.

Also available in Hoopla. Benny loves to help out at his grandpa's bakery in the morning, and t... More

Levine, Karen.

Also available in Hoopla. A biography of a Czech girl who died in the Holocaust, told in alternating... More

Kimmel, Eric A.

When his sins threaten the lives of his beloved twin children, a Jewish man finally repents of his ... More

Napoli, Donna Jo.

After being taken by German soldiers from a local movie theater along with other Italian boys inclu... More

Rael, Elsa.

While staying with her grandparents in New York City in the mid-1930s, eight-year-old Zeesie joins ... More

Hoestlandt, Jo.

Nine-year-old Helen is confused by the disappearance of her Jewish friend during the German occupat... More

Oberman, Sheldon.

A prayer shawl is handed down from grandfather to grandson in this story of Jewish tradition and th... More

Hesse, Karen.

In letters to her cousin, a young Jewish girl chronicles her family's flight from Russia in 19... More

Kimmel, Eric A.

On the first night of Chanukkah, Old Bear wanders into Bubba Brayna's house and receives a del... More