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List: Schneider Family Book Award Winners

Lebeuf, Darren, author.

"A young girl explores her city with her father, taking in all its sensory details. Her city sp... More

Myers, Alison Green, author.

After a tornado, Axel, who loves birds, finds an injured eaglet, and helps to rescue it--and also he... More

Scott, Jordan, 1978- author.

When a child has a "bad speech day" at school, his father gives him a new perspective on h... More

LeZotte, Ann Clare, author.

It is 1805 and Mary Lambert has always felt safe among the deaf community of Chilmark on Martha'... More

Sotomayor, Sonia.

In this creative non-fiction story, Sonia and her friends plant a garden, and each one contributes ... More

Kelly, Lynne.

Also available in Overdrive and RB Digital. Twelve-year-old Iris and her grandmother, both deaf, dr... More

Kensky, Jessica.

Also available in Overdrive, Hoopla, and RB Digital. Based on a real-life partnership, the heartenin... More

Connor, Leslie.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. As he grieves his best friend Benny's death, Mason and ... More

Say, Allen.

A fictionalized biography of James Castle, a deaf, autistic artist whose drawings hang in major mus... More

Green, Shari.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Olivia has been Macy McMillan's best friend ever since... More

Bryant, Jen.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Louis Braille was just five years old when he lost his sight... More

Reynolds, Jason.

Also available in Overdrive. "When two brothers decide to prove how brave they are, everything... More

Thompson, Laurie Ann.

Also available in Overdrive. Born in Ghana, West Africa, with one deformed leg, he was dismissed by ... More

Hunt, Lynda Mullaly.

Also available in Overdrive. "Ally's greatest fear is that everyone will find out she is ... More

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker.

Also available in Overdrive. A young disabled girl and her brother are evacuated from London to the... More

Rabinowitz, Alan.

Also available in Overdrive, Hoopla, and RB Digital. The renowned cat conservationist reflects on h... More

Martin, Ann M.

Also available in Overdrive. Struggling with Asperger's, Rose shares a bond with her beloved do... More

Bryant, Jen.

Also available in Overdrive. Presents an illustrated introduction to the life and work of artist Ho... More

Haskell, Merrie.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Thirteen-year-old Princess Matilda, whose lame foot brings f... More

Alexander, Claire.

While the rest of the class makes birthday cards for the principal, Stanley struggles with his word... More

Lean, Sarah.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Fifth-grader Cally Louise Fisher stops talking, partly becau... More

Bauer, Joan.

Twelve-year-old Foster McFee and her mother escape from her mother's abusive boyfriend and end... More

Selznick, Brian.

Also available in Overdrive. Having lost his mother and his hearing in a short time, twelve-year-old... More

Lyon, George Ella.

Ginny's eyes play tricks on her, making her see everything double, but when she goes to vision... More

Sonnenblick, Jordan.

Although Jeff and Tad, encouraged by a new friend, Lindsey, make a deal to help one another overcom... More

Christensen, Bonnie.

Born into a travelling gypsy family, young Django Reinhardt taught himself guitar at an early age. ... More

Baskin, Nora Raleigh.

Jason, a twelve-year-old autistic boy who wants to become a writer, relates what his life is like a... More

Parker, Robert Andrew.

Also available in Overdrive. The story of the young Art Tatum, who became one of the all-time greats... More

Connor, Leslie.

Also available in Hoopla and RB Digital. Twelve-year-old Addie tries to cope with her mother's ... More

Stryer, Andrea Stenn.

In the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal, a deaf Sherpa boy proves himself to his father by rescuing his ... More

Seeger, Pete.

Lee, a jazz pianist, has to leave his band when he begins losing his hearing, but he meets a deaf s... More

Lord, Cynthia.

Also available in Hoopla and RB Digital. Frustrated at life with an autistic brother, twelve-year-ol... More

Sachar, Louis.

Three years after being released from Camp Green Lake, Armpit is trying hard to keep his life on tr... More

Uhlberg, Myron.

Also available in Hoopla. In Brooklyn, New York, in 1947, a boy learns about discrimination and tole... More

Bertrand, Diane Gonzales.

Two latino boys experience carefree camaraderie despite one boy's disability. Fun and friendsh... More

Ryan, Pam Muñoz.

Also available in Overdrive. When Naomi's absent mother resurfaces to claim her, Naomi runs awa... More

Lang, Glenna.

Also available in Hoopla. Describes a day in the life of a seeing eye dog, from going with his owner... More