Lists and Suggestions for Kids

List: Batchelder Award for Translated Books, Winners & Honors from 2001-Present

Kashiwaba, Sachiko, 1953- author.

"One rainy night, Kazu sees a strange figure in a white kimono sneak out of his house--was he d... More

Birkjaer, Betina, author.

Stump always has a fantastic time with his grandparents, filled with flowers, puzzles, crosswords, a... More

Muḥammadī, Muḥammad Hādī, 1961 or 1962- author.

A young, bedridden girl spends her day watching a mobile of spinning horses and uses her imagination... More

Ainoya, Yuki, author, illustrator.

After becoming a rabbit, Haneru Sato gathers stars at an observatory, sails the sea in a watermelon,... More

García Esperón, María, author.

Presents a collection of stories from nations and cultures across our two continents, the Sea-Ringed... More

Rodari, Gianni, author.

A collection of nearly seventy short and surreal stories told by Signor Bianchi, a traveling salesma... More

Billet, Julia, author.

As France buckles under the Nazi regime, budding photographer Rachel Cohen must change her name, go ... More

Alemagna, Béatrice.

Eddie is five and a half and thinks she is the only one in her family without a special talent. So ... More

Brun-Cosme, Nadine.

Big Wolf has always lived alone at the top of a hill under a tree, so when a little wolf suddenly a... More

Daciute, Evelina.

Learn about family, happiness, and friendship in this hope-filled children's book. Our story s... More

Fang, Suzhen.

"Xiao Le's grandmother lives in a faraway village. A visit with Grandma is always a speci... More

Gomi, Taro.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. A young girl gazes out over the horizon, and wonders what l... More

Johansen, Hanna.

The persistence of Henrietta, one of 3,333 chickens on a chicken farm, leads to a better life for t... More

Lunde, Stein Erik.

Unable to sleep, a young boy climbs into his father's arms and asks about birds, foxes, and wh... More

Moundlic, Charlotte.

On his first vacation without his parents, eight-year-old Myron faces a scary grandfather, teasing ... More

Naumann-Villemin, Christine.

When Edmond Bigsnout, a lone wolf, sets out to satisfy his craving for a city rabbit, his efforts a... More

Sanabria, José.

"Once upon a time there was a ship that sailed beside the sun with very important people on bo... More

Scotto, Thomas.

"A young boy expresses his love for his friend Jerome"-- ... More

Apelfeld, Aharon.

Adam and Thomas, two nine-year-old Jewish boys who survive World War II, take refuge in the forest ... More

De Mari, Silvana.

Struggling to survive in a post apocalyptic world after his village is destroyed, Yorsh, the earth&... More

Chotjewitz, David.

In 1933, best friends Daniel and Armin admire Hitler, but as anti-Semitism buoys Hitler to power, D... More

Dumon Tak, Bibi.

"Mikis is thrilled when his grandfather buys a new donkey, but soon begins to worry that he is... More

Funke, Cornelia.

Also available in Overdrive. Two brothers, having run away from the aunt who plans to adopt the youn... More


Nicholas is invited to a birthday party by the girl next door, plays a very messy game of chess, an... More

Matti, Truus.

A tale of a girl in two stories, one involving a fox and rat, the other involving her constantly-tr... More

Miyabe, Miyuki.

With a determined plan to reunite his mother and father, the 10-year-old boy named Wataru knowingly... More

Morgenstern, Susie Hoch.

Elderly Monsieur Noel, the very unconventional new eighth-grade teacher, gives coupon books for suc... More

Mourlevat, Jean-Claude.

Loosely based on Charles Perrault's "Tom Thumb," seven brothers in modern-day France... More

Orlev, Uri.

Based on the true story of a nine-year-old boy who escapes the Warsaw Ghetto and must survive throu... More

Øvreås, Håkon.

2020 Winner. With help from his recently-deceased grandfather, new friends and their superhero alte... More

Peretti, Paola.

When nine-year-old Mafalda learns she will go blind in six months from Stargardt Disease, she needs... More

Raschke, Jens.

Ten-year-old Jette wrestles with the death of her younger brother, Emil, at age six, recalling spec... More

Thor, Annika.

Also available in Overdrive. In 1939 Sweden, two Jewish sisters wait for their parents to flee the ... More

Thor, Annika.

Also available in Overdrive. Having left Nazi-occupied Vienna a year ago, thirteen-year-old Jewish ... More

Wegelius, Jakob.

When her best friend, the sailor Henry Koskela, is falsely accused of murder, a gorilla named Sally... More

Kuhlmann, Torben.

"When two unlikely friends build a vessel capable of taking them to the bottom of the ocean fi... More

Mello, Roger.

"Introduces a colorful cast of characters whose fates are connected in different ways, explori... More

Ringtved, Glenn.

Also available in Hoopla. Aware their grandmother is gravely ill, four siblings learn to realize th... More

Yi, Ok-Pae.

Grandfather returns each year to the demilitarized zone, the barrier--and accidental nature preserv... More

Dauvillier, Loïc.

"A grandmother shares the story of her experiences in WWII with her grandchild in this graphic... More

Jun, Nie.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. "Four short stories set in a hutong, or residential al... More


"When Henrietta's mother gives her a box of colored pencils, she sets out to draw a terri... More

Schyffert, Bea Uusma.

A biography of the astronaut, Michael Collins, who circled the moon in the Apollo 12 space capsule ... More

Frier, Raphaële.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Malala Yousafzai stood up to the Taliban and fought for the... More