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List: American Indian Youth Literature Award Winners & Honors

Vandever, Daniel W.

Herizon follows the journey of a Diň girl as she helps her grandmother retrieve a flock of sheep. J... More

Begay-Kroupa, Jolyana.

As a little girl, Jolyana Begay-Kroupa dreamed of becoming Miss Navajo. After years of learning the... More

Sorell, Traci, author.

"Mary Golda Ross designed classified projects for Lockheed Air Corporation as the company'... More

Asoyuf, Morgan.

The tiny but mighty Mousewoman is a legendary figure in the oral and visual practices of Northwest C... More

Spillett-Sumner, Tasha, 1988- author.

A Native American woman describes how she loved her child before it was born and, throughout her pre... More

Sorell, Traci, author.

"A group of Native American kids from different tribes presents twelve historical and contempor... More

Young, Brian (Brian Lee), author.

"Nathan, a young Navajo boy from Phoenix, Arizona, goes on an epic hero's journey."--... More

Quigley, Dawn, author.

"Jo Jo Makoons Azure is a spirited seven-year-old who moves through the world a little differen... More

Day, Christine, 1993- author.

After an injury sidelines her dreams of becoming a ballet star, Maisie is not excited for her blende... More

Child, Brenda J.

2020 Winner. "When Uncle and Windy Girl attend a powwow, Windy watches the dancers and listens... More

Maillard, Kevin Noble.

2020 Winner. Also available in Overdrive.. Using illustrations that show the diversity in Native A... More

McManis, Charlene Willing.

2020 Winner. When Regina's Umpqua tribe is legally terminated and her family must relocate fro... More

Flett, Julie.

Also available in Hoopla. When a young girl moves from the country to a small town, she feels lonel... More

Flett, Julie.

A book demonstrating colors in English as well as in Cree, along with the pronunciation. ... More

Highway, Tomson.

When Joe and Cody sing and dance for the caribou, something unexpected happens. ... More

Gonzalez, Xelena.

Also available in Hoopla. Finding circles everywhere, a grandfather and his granddaughter meditate ... More

Bruchac, Joseph.

Although he is uncertain why his father is so angry and what secret his mother is keeping from him,... More

Day, Christine.

Also available in Hoopla. "When twelve-year-old Edie finds letters and photographs in her atti... More

Erdrich, Louise.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Omakayas, a seven-year-old Native American girl of the Ojib... More

King, Thomas.

Also available in Hoopla. Coyote is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Beaver, Bear, Otter, and Moose f... More

Marshall, Joseph.

Also available in Overdrive. Teased for his fair coloring, eleven-year-old Jimmy McClean travels wit... More

Tingle, Tim.

A Choctaw boy tells the story of his tribe's removal from the only land its people had ever kn... More

Sorell, Traci.

"At the mountain's base sits a cabin under an old hickory tree. And in that cabin lives a... More

Tingle, Tim.

In the 1800s, a Choctaw girl becomes friends with a slave boy from a plantation across the great ri... More

Vandever, Daniel W.

At a very strict school in Indigenous Nation, everyone but Holden stays in line until they reach th... More

Tingle, Tim.

Also available in Hoopla. Choctaw author Tim Tingle tells the story of his famly's move from Ok... More

Nelson, S. D.

Sitting Bull was one of the greatest Lakota/Sioux warriors and chiefs who ever lived. From killing ... More

Marks, Johnny.

After a Tlingit mother gives her son a dried piece of salmon with mold on the end, he flings it away... More

Gibbons, Janine.

"After the flood, Raven falls from the sky far out to sea. How will he get back to the mainlan... More

Huson, Brett D.

Also available in Hoopla. "An engaging look at how the animals, people, and seasons within an ... More

Herrington, John.

Go on a Mission to Space with Chickasaw astronaut John Herrington, as he shares his flight on the s... More

Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk.

Virginia and her brother are never allowed to pick first from the donation boxes at church because ... More

Sorell, Traci.

Also available in Overdrive and Hoopla. Journey through the year with a Cherokee family and their tr... More