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Food Network Magazine. 1,000 Easy Recipes: Super Fun Food for Every Day

Food Network Magazine.  1,000 Easy Recipes:  Super Fun Food for Every Day

Food Network Magazine. 1,000 Easy Recipes: Super Fun Food for Every Day

Quick, easy and delicious recipes compiled in one easy-to-read cookbook – just what a busy chef needs!  This collection includes breakfast, appetizer, main course, drink and dessert recipes to suit every taste and schedule.  The mix and match format of the book makes it “super fun” to use!  This reviewer recommends trying one of the 35 crostini recipes – yum!

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By bcorrigan

By MPPL on November 21, 2012 Categories: Adult, Books, Food and Drink, Nonfiction

La sombra del viento: una novela por Carlos Ruiz Zafón

La gran orquesta de animales

La sombra del viento por Carlos Ruiz Zafón es un laberinto que a Borges le haría orgulloso.  Sigan los pasos de Daniel Sempere, hijo de un vendedor de libros, cuyo destino cambiará para siempre al encontrar un libro maldito escondido en el Cemetario de los Libros Olvidados.   Entréguense a la investigación sobre las misteriosas circunstancias alrededor de este libro que se lleva por las calles antiguas de Barcelona del año 1950.  La trama se despliega como una rompecabeza y con las revelaciones de cada personaje descubran una historia aun más compleja de amor, suspenso e intriga. 

   By asmith

By MPPL on November 12, 2012 Categories: Adult, Books, Fiction

Deadline by Chris Crutcher

Deadline by Chris Crutcher

Deadline by Chris Crutcher

Imagine going to the doctor and finding out you only have 1-year to live and keeping it a secret. Deciding not to undergo any type of treatment for his rare disease, Ben Wolf decides instead to make a mark in his small town of Trout, Idaho. Ben’s plan is to petition for the name change of Main Street to Malcolm X all while frustrating his biased history teacher. Follow Ben, star cross-country runner turned football player in his humorous yet realistic world as he manages to keep his life as “normal” as possible in Deadline.

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By jperez on October 20, 2012 Categories: Books, Fiction, Young Adult

ME LLAMO… Juan Pablo II por Jan W. Góra

Una de las más tiernas historias del Papa Juan Pablo Segundo contada como autobiografía. Esta historia nos lleva desde su infancia, su lugar de origen, su nombramiento como Papa, su momentos más importante y los difíciles hasta su muerte.

Este libro cuenta con hermosas ilustraciones al igual que una tabla cronológica que permite identificar acontecimientos de la historia relacionados con la vida y época del Papa Juan Pablo Segundo.

ME LLAMO… Juan Pablo II  es un libro de la serie ME LLAMO… una colección juvenil de biografías de personajes universales.

By hmarroquin on October 11, 2012 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Youth

The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

The world according to Humphrey

The world according to Humphrey

Humphrey has a pretty good life as a class pet in Room 26.  He gets to learn right along with the students and he gets to go home with each of them on weekends.  All is good until classroom teacher, Mrs. Brisbane, returns from a long absence and declares her dislike of small, furry creatures.  Uh oh!  Humphrey’s situation is in jeopardy unless he can show Mrs. Brisbane what a likeable, helpful creature he is.


By bcorrigan

By MPPL on September 19, 2012 Categories: Books, Fiction, Youth

Sudden Fiction Latino

Suddent Fiction Latino, an anthology is a veritable smorgasbord of short fiction and even shorter micros.   The authors are a wide mix of U.S. Latinos and Latin Americans, from the iconic: Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende, Jorge Luis Borges, to the acclaimed: Junot Díaz, Sandra Cisneros, Roberto Bolaño, and the talents of the future: Andrea Saenz, Daniel Alarcón, Alicita Rodriguez.  All of the pieces are in English, whether originally written so, or translated from Spanish.  The collection flows intuitively, as opposed to being linked by any central themes, jumping from pieces that are hilarious to heart-breaking, fantastical to earthy.  It is an enjoyable read not only for Latin Americans and Latinos, but for anyone who appreciates an honest look at our shared humanity, and a transcendent glimpse at literature emerging in the 21st century.


By asmith

By MPPL on September 3, 2012 Categories: Adult, Books, Fiction

Cam Jansen and The Mystery Writer Mystery

Cam Jansen is on another case!  While visiting her favorite mystery writer, Jim E. Winter, at the school book fair, a parent’s car mysteriously vanishes from the school parking l0t.   Will kid detective Cam Jansen find the car thief or will the skilled mystery writer unravel the mystery first? To find out, read Cam Jansen and The Mystery Writer Mystery by David A. Adler.  

By jperez on August 20, 2012 Categories: Books, Fiction, Youth

Arráncame la vida por Ángeles Mastretta


Arráncame La Vida

Arráncame la vida es la historia de Catalina Guzmán de Ascencio, una mujer de Puebla viviendo en México durante los años 1930 y 1940.  Catalina relata sobre su matrimonio a los dieciséis años a un hombre  político veinte años mayor que ella. A través de los años, revela la vida compleja de ser esposa de un hombre ambicioso y la miramos transformarse desde una joven ingenua hasta una mujer madura y sabia. 

 El estilo narrativo de Mastretta toma un ritmo sutil. No es un libro de acción, sino de observación e intriga lenta. En un mundo y época dominado por los anhelos de los hombres, vemos como Catalina y sus amigas van realizando sus deseos.  Sobre todo los de Catalina, que a través de la tragedia se convierte, sin desearlo en una política aun mas sabia que su marido.  

 La película (del mismo nombre) sigue a los eventos principales del libro con gran fidelidad.   ¡Además, conviene verla por el escenario y vestuario magnifico!

By MPPL on July 11, 2012 Categories: Adult, Books, Fiction, Film

The New Rules of Lifting for Abs

Get your body ready for the beach with The New Rules of Lifting For Abs.  Author Lou Schuler will show you step by step ab training (with photos) including stabilization exercises to strengthen your core and give you pain-free results.

By jperez on July 1, 2012 Categories: Adult, Books, Nonfiction

If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen

If I built a car If I Built a Car is a fun-filled story that follows Jack, a young boy full of imagination and creativity - from a pool in the back seat to car with wings, join Jack in his incrediable adventure as he designes a car of his dreams.

By jperez on April 24, 2012 Categories: Books, Youth