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The Library accepts monetary donations. For more information on donating to the Library, contact the Administration Department at 847/253-5675.

Donations of used books, audio books, CDs, and DVDs, and videos are accepted by the Friends.  We currently are not accepting magazines. Items not added to the collection will be sold at a Friends of the Library Book Sale.  One week prior to the book sale, volunteers stop shelving donations and begin to prepare for the upcoming sale. Donations are still accepted leading up to and during the book sale but will then be stored for the next event.

Items currently in demand:

  • children’s books
  • engineering books
  • automotive repair books
  • mathematic books
  • any of the “dummies” books
  • computer books relating to Microsoft Office suite of programs
  • Audio books, CD or cassette (just about any subject)

Items we regretfully cannot accept:

  • encyclopedias more than ten years old
  • chewed up, damaged or wet books
  • any tax books – the rules change so often that people won’t use even recent items
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books more than ten years old

Sale Prices:

  • hardcover books: $1
  • paperback books: 50¢
  • records: 50¢
  • audio cassettes: 50¢
  • magazines: 25¢
  • children’s hardcover books: $1
  • children’s paperback books: 50¢

Better books are individually priced. The Friends holds a 25 cents sale twice a year.

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