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Staff Pick: Mountains of Sorrow by Amos Lee

Barb F. Staff picks photoMountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song is Amos Lee’s fifth studio album. This powerful album is a mix inspired by folksy, bluesy, and even some funky influences. Whatever your mood, there is something to like here. From the title song to “Chill in the Air” you can’t listen to this without big feelings.

By Readers' Advisor on January 28, 2014 Categories: Music, Picks by Barbara F., Staff Picks

Staff Pick: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

Larry staff picks photoThe World Without Us describes the relationship between humans and nature using science with a dash of philosophy to imagine what would happen if the earth was suddenly without us. The human impact on nature and the restorative abilities of the earth are clearly explained in this pop science read.

By Readers' Advisor on January 21, 2014 Categories: Books, Nonfiction, Picks by Larry, Staff Picks

Staff Pick: The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

Colleen staff picks photoThe Testing is not your average dystopian! To attend college, those who live in the United Commonwealth must undertake the Testing. For Cia, who desperately wants to attend college, the Testing is more dangerous than she could imagine and it’s not a fight to pass, but a fight to survive!

By Readers' Advisor on January 14, 2014 Categories: Books, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Picks by Colleen, Staff Picks

Staff Pick: The Ghost Army

Joyce Staff Picks photoThink you know WWII history? You might be surprised! The Ghost Army explains how the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops – made up of artists, sound technicians, and radiomen – created the grand illusion of American troops that held the line against German forces in major battles of the war. Amazing!

By Readers' Advisor on January 7, 2014 Categories: Movies and TV, Nonfiction, Staff Picks

Staff Pick: Stella Bain by Anita Shreve

Stella Bain book coverGinny of Research Services recommends Stella Bain by Anita Shreve:

In 1916, an American woman wakes up with amnesia in a French hospital. She remembers her duties as a nurse’s aide and ambulance driver and that her name is Stella Bain…or is it? Dr. Bridge, a cranial surgeon who nurses Stella back to health, helps get her an appointment inside the British Royal Navy’s headquarters. While there, a former friend recognizes Stella, and Stella’s memories begin returning – like why she left her home and what drove her to the French battlefields. As Stella’s story unfolds, Shreve takes us back and forth between Europe and the United States, before and after WWI. Shreve vividly examines trauma, shell shock, and memory loss while effectively tracing a woman’s journey to recover her past.

By Readers' Advisor on January 6, 2014 Categories: Books, Staff Picks

Staff Pick: The Happiest Millionaire

Cathleen Staff Picks photoThe Happiest Millionaire is a favorite lesser-known Disney musical that offers toe-tapping charm. Fred MacMurray is a wealthy father who keeps pet alligators in his mansion and hosts a Bible-and-boxing club in the stables. Lesley Ann Warren, Greer Garson, and the irrepressible Tommy Steele add to the family fun.

By Readers' Advisor on December 31, 2013 Categories: Humor, Movies and TV, Picks by Cathleen, Romance, Staff Picks

Staff Pick: Fargo

Cynthia staff picks photoWith its chilly upper-midwest setting (accents included), Fargo is the classic Coen brothers’ film. A botched kidnapping planned by a bungling William H. Macy is met with the polite, small-town-smarts of a pregnant police chief (Frances McDormand). This is dark humor at its best balanced with warm humanity.

By Readers' Advisor on December 24, 2013 Categories: Movies and TV, Picks by Cynthia, Staff Picks

Staff Pick: The Beguiled

John staff picks photoBefore Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood and director Don Siegel teamed up to make the tense, gothic melodrama The Beguiled. Set near the end of the Civil War, The Beguiled tells the story of a Union soldier wounded in Southern territory, who finds refuge in a girls’ school.

By Readers' Advisor on December 17, 2013 Categories: Movies and TV, Picks by John, Staff Picks

Staff Pick: Il Divo

Donna S staff pick photoEnticed by a friend’s recommendation, I discovered the operatic group Il Divo. Wow! What powerful voices and what a full orchestral sound supports this talented quartet of male singers. If you like dramatic, deep music like Andrea Bocelli, but also enjoy pop music, try Il Divo, their first, self-titled album.

By Readers' Advisor on December 10, 2013 Categories: Music, Picks by Donna, Staff Picks

Staff Pick: Hidden in the Mix edited by Diane Pecknold

Patty staff picks photoResearchers have long acknowledged black influence and culture within popular music…but not until recently has anyone studied black presence in country music. Hidden in the Mix: The African American Presence in Country Music is an erudite, heavily footnoted essay collection that demonstrates how country music is not only “the white man’s blues.”

By Readers' Advisor on December 3, 2013 Categories: Music, Staff Picks