South Branch Staff Picks Category: Fiction

The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd

The Vast Fields of Ordinary It’s the summer after graduation and Dade Hamilton is dreading his uninteresting life before he is college bound – from a tedious job to a relationship he must keep secret from his friends, Dade immediately finds  himself struggling with life.  To help him with his struggles, Dade meets Alex, a fry cook who hangs with the wrong crowd but becomes the distraction Dade needs.  But with all good things must come to an end.  To find out what happens to Dade in his emotional love triangle, read The Vast Fields of Ordinary.  Grade 9 and up.

Silver Sparrow

Silver Sparrow

Silver-sparrow Dana is just six years old when her father tells her that she is a secret. Specifically, she and her mother are a secret from her father’s other wife and daughter who live a few miles away. Even as she has to keep a distance from her sister she grows up in her shadow, always having to enroll at a different school and try to avoid her at social events. As the years go on, curiosity gets the better of her and she meets and befriends her sister, in spite of the potentially devastating effects on both families.

El vencedor está solo

El vencedor esta solo
Ni toda la fama o el dinero pueden hacer que Igor, un empresario de origen ruso consiga que su esposa regrese a él. En su locura “Destruirá mundos enteros” por reconquistarla. El Vencedor Esta Solo toma lugar en Francia, durante el festival Cannes, donde varios de los caracteres tendran cita.