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New Fiction in April

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April showers bring…new books! Fresh books have come in this month, and below is just a sprinkling of titles that might get your reading sprouted this spring.

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A photo of A Calamity of Souls

A Calamity of Souls

Baldacci, David, author

When two wealthy white landowners are found dead, the whole country immediately thinks it must be Jerome Washington, the hired help, who killed them. He was standing over the bodies when the police responded to an anonymous call and the only one on the property at the time of death. As far as the state is concerned, it's an open and shut case. Jack Lee, born and raised in Freeman County, knows that every man deserves a solid defense and agrees to be Jerome's lawyer, against everyone's better judgement. But as the facts of the case unfold, it becomes more and more obvious to Jack that this trial isn't about uncovering the truth and is instead a racially charged set up. And the whole town is calling for Jerome to receive the death penalty. Jack is soon ensnared in a system that's doing everything it can to prevent him from saving Jerome's life, and even he thinks all is lost. Then Desiree DuBose, a lawyer from up North with a social justice agenda, comes to town and quickly joins as co-council, blasting the case all over the news to gain support. But the citizens of Freeman County don't want to wait for the final verdict and Jack and Desiree find themselves in the crosshairs. Jack will need to stop at nothing to prove that Jerome is innocent even at the risk of his own life... and his family's.


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A photo of Funny Story

Funny Story

Henry, Emily, author.

A shimmering, joyful new novel about a pair of opposites with the wrong thing in common, from #1 New York Times bestselling author Emily Henry, Daphne always loved the way Peter told their story. How they met, fell in love, and moved back to his lakeside hometown to begin their life together. Too bad it turned out to be more of a prequel, a complication to Peter's actual love story, the one that ends with him dumping Daphne before their wedding to begin a relationship with his lifelong best friend, Petra. And so that's how Daphne's story really begins: stranded in beautiful Waning Bay, Michigan, without friends or family but with a dream job as a children's librarian (that barely pays the bills), and proposing to be roommates with the only other non-Peter-related person she knows: Petra's heartbroken ex, Miles Nowak. Just until she can get a new dream job literally anywhere else. Scruffy and chaotic, Miles is entirely the opposite of buttoned-up Daphne, and they mainly avoid one another until one night, while drowning their sorrows, they form a tenuous friendship. Miles decides he will convince Daphne to give Waning Bay a real shot. He'll show her why he loves this idyllic town and its residents, and if they happen to post deliberately misleading photos of their adventures together-for a particular audience of two-who could blame them? Miles believes Daphne deserves the chance to build a life here, her own life. As she begins to fall for the town, Daphne wonders what this summer is supposed to mean. Is it just for fun? An interlude to her own love story? Or maybe it was never meant to be a love story? Maybe it was just an anecdote to share at future dinner parties: that time she fell in love with her ex-fiancae's new fiancaee's ex-boyfriend. Who's to say?


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A photo of The Murder Inn

The Murder Inn

Patterson, James/ Fox, Candice

The owner of the Inn at Gloucester, a place open to anyone running from trouble or hiding from life, former Boston police detective Bill Robinson must defend his town, his chosen family and his home when a newcomer in town launches a series of attacks.

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A photo of Only the Brave

Only the Brave

Steel, Danielle

During World War II, Sophia Alexander, after her mother dies and her father is sent to a concentration camp, becomes increasingly involved in the resistance and while working with the convent nuns, the Sisters of Mercy where she risks everything to help those in need--no matter what the cost.


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A photo of It Had to Be You

It Had to Be You

Clark, Mary Higgins/ Burke, Alafair

Years after their parents’ murder, identical twin brothers, determined to clear one name at the expense of the other, ask Laurie Moran and her Under Suspicion crew to solve this brutal crime and as they get close to the truth, they find the danger from the past finding its way into the present.


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A photo of Extinction


Preston, Douglas J

Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Frances Cash investigates after a billionaire's son and his new wife are kidnapped and murdered by a gang of eco-terrorists at a park where extinct animals are brought back through genetic manipulation.

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A photo of She's Not Sorry

She's Not Sorry

Kubica, Mary

Meghan Michaels is trying to find balance between being a single mom to a teenage daughter and working as a full time nurse. While on duty at the hospital one day, a patient named Caitlin arrives in a coma with a traumatic brain injury, having jumped from a bridge and plunging over twenty feet to the train tracks below. But when a witness comes forward with shocking details about the fall, it calls everything they know into question. Was Caitlin pushed and if so, by whom and why?


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A photo of Table for Two : Fictions

Table for Two : Fictions

Towles, Amor

Millions of Amor Towles fans are in for a treat as he shares some of his shorter fiction: six stories based in New York City and a novella set in Golden Age Hollywood.

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A photo of The Summer We Started Over

The Summer We Started Over

Thayer, Nancy, 1943- author.

Two sisters reconnect and pursue their dreams on the beautiful island of Nantucket, overcoming life's challenges and finding new love, in this heartwarming and hopeful novel by New York Times bestselling author Nancy Thayer. Eddie Grant is happy with her life and her work as a personal assistant to Dinah Lavender, one of the most famous and renowned romance authors in the business. But being a spectator to notoriety and glamour isn't as fulfilling as she once thought. Thankfully, Eddie has the perfect excuse for a vacation: Her hardworking younger sister, Barrett, is opening her gift shop on Memorial Day weekend, and could use all the help she can get. But going home to the beautiful island of Nantucket means facing the family's difficult past. Shortly after the death of Eddie and Barrett's brother, their mother left them and their father made the spontaneous decision to buy a small farm. Eddie stayed there for only a year before her family's grief threatened to consume her as well, and had been living in Manhattan ever since. Now that she is back, Eddie must face all she left behind: her father's increased eccentricities, which has led to a house bursting at the seams with books; her sister's resentment over Eddie's escape; and a past love connection, one that is still undeniable and complicated, all these years later. But the Grant sisters are nothing if not resilient and capable, opening a used bookstore in their father's abandoned barn to manage his hoarding, and navigating the discovery of a long-buried family secret that will change all of them forever. In The Summer We Started Over, beloved storyteller Nancy Thayer transports readers with a moving story about family, courage, and the resiliency of young women.


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A photo of Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt

Paretsky, Sara

V.I. Warshawski is visiting Angela, one her protégées in Kansas. When Angela's roommate goes missing and V.I. finds her near death in a drug house, she is pitched headlong into the country's opioid crisis and a local land-use battle with roots going back to the Civil War.

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A photo of The Museum of Lost Quilts

The Museum of Lost Quilts

Chiaverini, Jennifer

While staying at Elm Creek Manor to finish her thesis, Summer, the youngest founding member of Elm Creek Quilts, instead researches the antique quilts on display for a fundraiser to renovate the headquarters of the Waterford Historical Society, discovering its troubled history of racism, economic injustice and political corruption, past and present.


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A photo of Darling Girls

Darling Girls

Hepworth, Sally, author.

Get ready for another twisty domestic thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of THE SOULMATE. From the outside, Alicia, Jessica and Norah might seem like ordinary women you'd meet on the street any day of the week. Sure, Jessica has a little OCD and Norah has some anger issues. And Alicia has low self-esteem that manifests itself in surprising ways. But these three have a bond that no one can fully understand. It's a bond that takes them back decades, to when they were girls, and they lived on a farm with a foster mother named Miss Fairchild. Miss Fairchild had rules. Miss Fairchild could be unpredictable. And Miss Fairchild was never, ever to be crossed. In a moment of desperation, the three broke away from Miss Fairchild, and they thought they were free. But the reach of someone with such power is long, and even though they never saw her again, she was always somewhere in the shadows of their minds. When bones are discovered buried under the farmhouse of their childhood, they are called in by the police to tell what they know. Against their will, they are brought back to the past, and to Miss Fairchild herself. DARLING GIRLS asks the questions: what are we capable of when in a desperate place? How much can we hide the demons inside us? And can the past ever truly be buried?


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A photo of Daughter of Mine

Daughter of Mine

Miranda, Megan

Returning to Mirror Lake after inheriting her childhood home, Hazel discovers long-hidden secrets that may explain the mystery of her mother's disappearance, in the new novel from the New York Times best-selling author of All the Missing Girls.

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A photo of An Unfinished Murder

An Unfinished Murder

Deveraux, Jude

A novelist, Sara Medlar, and her friends use all their amateur sleuthing skills to solve a crime when a literal skeleton is discovered in a closet, in the fifth novel of the series following A Relative Murder.

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A photo of Lucky


Smiley, Jane, author.

Before Jodie Rattler became a star, she was a girl growing up in St. Louis. One day in 1955, when she was just six years old, her Uncle Drew took her to the racetrack, where she got lucky - and that roll of two-dollar bills she won has never since left her side. Jodie thrived in the warmth of her extended family, and then - through a combination of hard work and serendipity - started a singing career, which catapulted her from St. Louis to New York City, from the English countryside to the tropical beaches of St. Thomas, from Cleveland to Los Angeles, and back again. Jodie comes of age in recording studios, backstage, and on tour, and tries to hold her own in the wake of Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, and Joni Mitchell. Yet it feels like something is missing. Could it be true love? Or is that not actually what Jodie is looking for? Full of atmosphere, shot through with longing and exuberance, romance and rock'n'roll, Lucky is a story of chance and grit and the glitter of real talent, a colorful portrait of one woman's journey in search of herself.


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A photo of The Familiar

The Familiar

Bardugo, Leigh

In the new capital of Madrid, Luzia Cotado uses scraps of magic to get through her days of endless toil. But when her scheming mistress discovers the lump of a servant cowering in the kitchen is actually hiding a talent for little miracles, she demands Luzia use those gifts to better the family's social position. Determined to seize this one chance to better her fortunes, Luzia plunges into a world of seers and alchemists, holy men and hucksters, where the lines between magic, science, and fraud are never certain. But as her notoriety grows, so does the danger that her Jewish blood will doom her to the Inquisition's wrath.


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A photo of Feline Fatale : A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

Feline Fatale : A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

Brown, Rita Mae

Spring flowers may be about to bloom in Crozet, Virginia, but Harry is thinking about snow. Her dear friend Ned Tucker is in the House of Delegates, advocating for a bill to improve road clearing during bad weather, and Harry and Ned’s wife, Susan, have gone down to the statehouse to support him. The bill’s chief detractor is the glamorous Amanda Fields, a former newscaster turned delegate whose flair for the dramatic has earned her a formidable reputation—and made her more than a few enemies. Amanda’s claws-out approach to politics might have some of her colleagues wishing she was dead, but the statehouse is rocked when a page dies under mysterious circumstances.


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A photo of City in Ruins

City in Ruins

Winslow, Don, 1953- author.

A Las Vegas casino mogul with a spotty past must fight for the life he created and everything he holds dear after old enemies surface, in the third novel of the series following City of Dreams.

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A photo of Close to Death

Close to Death

Horowitz, Anthony

When Charles Kentworthy is found dead on his doorstep after moving his loud, boisterous family into an idyllic gated community, Detective Hawthorne investigates, in the fifth novel of the series following The Twist of a Knife.

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A photo of Lost Birds

Lost Birds

Hillerman, Anne

Retired from the Navajo Tribal Police, P.I. Joe Leaphorn is hired to find the birth parents of a woman raised by a bilagaana family, which unexpectedly turns into a complicated case, while Officer Bernadette Manuelito investigates an explosion linked his investigation.

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A photo of The Paris Novel

The Paris Novel

Reichl, Ruth

Resigning herself to honor her mother's last wishes, Stella travels to Paris where she meets an octogenarian art collector who introduces her to the who's who of the 1980's Paris literary, art and culinary worlds, helping her understand what it might mean to live a larger life.

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A photo of The Cemetery of Untold Stories

The Cemetery of Untold Stories

Alvarez, Julia, author.

When celebrated writer Alma Cruz inherits a small plot of land in the Dominican Republic, she turns it into a place to bury her untold stories--literally. She creates a graveyard for manuscript drafts and revisions and the characters whose lives she tried and failed to bring to life and who still haunt her. Alma wants her characters to rest in peace, but they have other ideas, and the cemetery becomes a mysterious sanctuary for their true narratives.


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A photo of Miss Morgan's Book Brigade

Miss Morgan's Book Brigade

Skeslien Charles, Janet

1918: As the Great War rages, Jessie Carson takes a leave of absence from the New York Public Library to work for the American Committee for Devastated France. Upon arrival, Jessie strives to establish something that the French have never seen—children’s libraries. She turns ambulances into bookmobiles and trains the first French female librarians. Then she disappears. 1987: When NYPL librarian and aspiring writer Wendy Peterson stumbles across a passing reference to Jessie Carson in the archives, she becomes consumed with learning her fate.


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