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Brick by Brick: Tracing your Home’s History


Have you wondered about when your home was built and who else has lived there? Researching the history of one’s home or those of your ancestors is a challenging task but also a very fulfilling one. Join genealogist Tina Beaird as she explains the process of home history research and describes the different kinds of records which can offer clues to the history of your home.

The Path to Your Family Story with Ancestry Library Edition (February 2022)


Ancestry® Library Edition is one of the most popular and powerful genealogy databases, and it is available for free at the library. Learn from our genealogy and e-resources librarians about the benefits of this subscription database compared to its commercial version, including basic and advanced searching techniques, finding relevant results, and more.

30 Reads in 30 Minutes to Kick Off 2022


In just 30 minutes, book loving staff will share a variety of buzzworthy titles to help you jump start your year of reading for 2022. Whether you’re a voracious reader who loves hearing about books or you’re a more casual reader, we’ll have something for everyone!

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Plant-Based Nutrition and Holistic Health: A Beginner’s Guide


Why are plant-based diets so popular and how can they support your health goals? Join Emma Mulvany, a certified holistic nutritionist from EM Holistic Wellness, to explore the benefits and basics of a plant-based diet. Learn how you can easily incorporate a health-promoting diet and holistic approach to your health. Attendees will receive handouts, recipes, and worksheets about how to deliciously transition to a plant-centered lifestyle.

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Growing Greens Indoors


Winter season got you down? Wish it was spring so you could start your vegetable garden? Bring the green indoors! Join Julia Zoltowsky, a horticulturalist from the Chicago Botanic Garden, and learn how to grow leafy greens indoors, plus discover the best tricks, tips, and tools to harvest all winter long.