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Our Favorite Children’s Books of 2022

Did you know that on average, close to 4,000 books are published for children every year? To help you find the best books for the kids in your life, we read as many as we could and selected our favorite ones. Whether you need a book to read aloud to your class, a graphic novel to make a fifth grader laugh, or a nonfiction book for a kid obsessed with science, we’ll have some books for you. Sponsored by the Mount Prospect Public Library Foundation.


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30 Reads in 30 Minutes to Kick Off 2022


In just 30 minutes, book loving staff will share a variety of buzzworthy titles to help you jump start your year of reading for 2022. Whether you’re a voracious reader who loves hearing about books or you’re a more casual reader, we’ll have something for everyone!

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Best Books: MPPL’s Favorite Children’s Books of 2021


For parents, teachers, and families.

As you gear up for your holiday shopping, look no further than the library for the year’s best books for the children in your life. This fast-paced book-talking virtual bonanza features Youth staff’s favorite titles sharing fabulous fiction and nonfiction titles for preschoolers through 6th graders.

Sponsored by Mount Prospect Public Library Foundation.