Library Life Episode 173

Library Life: January 2016

This episode of Library Life includes:

  • Details of the Winter Reading Program: Escape with Books from the Library’s Youth, Teen, and Adult Services Departments.
  • An interview with Business Reference Librarian Joe Collier, highlighting The Entrepreneur’s Initiative, a collaboration between The Chamber of Commerce, Mount Prospect Downtown Merchants Association, Mount Prospect Public Library, and The Village of Mount Prospect, working together to connect people to resources that encourage, strengthen, and support small businesses.
  • A tour of the Discovery Zone, the newest addition to the Youth Services department where children in first through fifth grades can explore many exciting components of STEAM (science, technology, arts, and math).
  • Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: Earmuffs for Everyone!, by Meghan McCarthy. Other invention and inventor stories include: Ferris and His Wheel, by Kathryn Gibbs Davis; The Day-Glo Brothers, by Chris Barton; So You Want to be an Inventor, by Judith St. George; Ben Franklin’s Big Splash, by Barb Rosenstock; and Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum, by Meghan McCarthy.
  • Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes animals that make a difference: The Last Whale, by Michael Parfit; Elephant Company, by Vicki Croke; Shy Boy, by Monty Roberts; Cleo, The Cat Who Mended a Family, by Helen Brown; and The Killing of Wolf Number Ten, by Thomas McNamee. Best Book Pick within this theme: A Wolf Called Romeo, by Nick Jans.
  • Dream Catcher Craft, the hands-on program where patrons create a traditional article of Native American folklore meant to bring good dreams.
  • Patron Interview: What do you feel is the best invention and why?