Library Life Episode 171

Library Life: November 2015

This episode of Library Life includes:

Highlights from Cultural Series Festival Night: Musica Italiana featuring a sampling of some of Italy’s best works performed by Main Street Opera.

An interview with Pat Klawitter, President of the Friends of the Mount Prospect Public Library, detailing the longtime history of the Friends and how their support of the Library has evolved over the years.

A front row seat in the hands-on program All New Elegant Paper Craft Projects, where patrons are taught how to prepare and assemble an array of unique gifts for that special someone.

Youth Services Best Book Recommendation: Shooting at the Stars, by John Hendrix. Other picture books for older readers include: Abe’s Fish, by Jen Bryant; Heroes of the Surf, by Nancy Carpenter; Wall, by Tom Clohosy Cole; Bunny the Brave War Horse, by Elizabeth MacLeod; and The Kite That Bridged Two Nations, by Alexis O’Neill.

Adult Services Staff Recommendation includes books on Grammar and the English language: Between You and Me, by Mary Norris; Woe is I, by Patricia T. O’Connor; Word Nerd, by John D. Williams Jr.; If I was You, by Lauren Sussman; and Kiss My Asterisk by Jenny Baranick. Best Book Pick within this theme: One Day in the Life of the English Language, by Frank Cioffi.

A preview of The Prospect Madrigals: A Holiday Concert, an a cappella performance featuring 20 students from Prospect High School showcasing music written and composed in the 16th century.

Patron Interview: What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?