Library Life Episode 154

Library Life: June 2014

This episode of Library Life includes:

  • Enjoy the performance of Encore Sings Songs “Coast to Coast” as they feature the best of America in this Mount Prospect Public Library Foundation Concert.
  • An interview with Hy Speck, Educator and Tour Guide, about the June 26 program Destination: Millennium Park, detailing the fascinating history and contributors of Chicago’s showplace for cutting edge art, architecture, landscape design, music and more.
  • Duct Tape Crafts: a program where children in grades 3-5 can come to the library to use their imagination to make unique creations with duct tape.
  • Staff Best Book Recommendation: Gulp by Mary Roach. Other pieces featuring stories of the human body include: Stiff, by Mary Roach; Fantastic Voyage, by Isaac Asimov; Altered Carbon, by Richard K. Morgan; Feed by M.T. Anderson and I Sing the Body Electric byRay Bradbury.
  • Youth Book Recommendations of overcoming obstacles: Middle School Get Me Out of Here, by James Patterson; Travel Team, by Mike Lupica; The Looser List, by H.N. Kowitt; Force Out, by Tim Green; Real Hoops, by Fred Bowen; and Best Book Pick, Double Dribble by W.C. Mack.
  • Highlights from the Super Saturdayevent: The Sama Sama Project, an energetic and interactive performance showcasing traditional Pilipino music, telling rich stories in honor of celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
  • Patron Interview: What is your favorite summertime destination and why?