Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Do You Know Me? with Ms. Erin

Ms. Erin reads an interactive poem, “Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Do You Know Me?” by Anne Rockwell. Enable captions or read the description below to follow the words.

Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Do You Know Me? A Garden Guessing Game By Anne Rockwell

Bumblebee, bumblebee, do you know me?
Yellow and green, I wave to the breeze to say that summer is here.
I am a daffodil.
Butterfly, butterfly, do you know me?
Here I stand, tall and straight, while my silky cup catches rain.
I am a tulip. June bug, june bug, do you know me?
My leaves point like swords, and my petals wave like flags.
I am an iris. Cricket, cricket, do you know me?
Watch me pop open!
See my tiny black seeds!
I am a poppy.
Ladybug, ladybug, do you know me?
My thorns are prickly, but my blossoms are soft.
I am a rose. Spider, spider, do you know us?
We come in many colors, and we turn our faces to the summer sun.
We are zinnias.
Leafhopper, leafhopper, do you know me?
You’ll find me at breakfast when my blue trumpet greets the day.
I am a morning glory.
Dragonfly, dragonfly, do you know me?
I’m curly and speckled. My smell is the sweetest of all. I am a lily. Katydid, katydid, do you know me?
Try and count my petals – if you can!
I am a daisy. Little boy, little boy, do you know me? My fuzzy stem grows taller than you. I am big and round and golden. Of course I know you, sunflower! I know all the flowers I see.