Month: January 2022

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30 Reads in 30 Minutes to Kick Off 2022


In just 30 minutes, book loving staff will share a variety of buzzworthy titles to help you jump start your year of reading for 2022. Whether you’re a voracious reader who loves hearing about books or you’re a more casual reader, we’ll have something for everyone!

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Plant-Based Nutrition and Holistic Health: A Beginner’s Guide


Why are plant-based diets so popular and how can they support your health goals? Join Emma Mulvany, a certified holistic nutritionist from EM Holistic Wellness, to explore the benefits and basics of a plant-based diet. Learn how you can easily incorporate a health-promoting diet and holistic approach to your health. Attendees will receive handouts, recipes, and worksheets about how to deliciously transition to a plant-centered lifestyle.

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