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Fever 1793 reviewed by Haley

Fever 1793 book coverThis book called Fever 1793 was about the yellow fever in Philadelphia. This is a good book because it talks alot about the history of the fever and that many people have it and they don’t have a cure for it back then. I would recommend this because it is very interesting.

review submitted by Haley

Mister Monday reviewed by Sue

Mister MondayI just finished reading Mister Monday by Garth Nix. I really liked this story, it was exciting and strange. I like how they included one of the seven deadly sins; Mr. Monday is very lazy so I’m pretty sure his sin is Sloth.  I know that most of the series is already out and I can’t wait to read more about Arthur and his adventures in the house and the secondary realms.

review submitted by Sue

The Time Traveler’s Wife reviewed by Sammantha

The Time Traveler's Wife book coverI loved The Time Traveler’s Wife, it is an amazing book, and it takes place in Chicago which is kinda cool. It is about a man and a woman an their life as he unexpectedly travels through time. It is funny, and sad, and exciting, and I really enjoyed it. For anyone who was thinking of seeing the movie, read the book first, because I can’t imagine the movie does it justice.

review submitted by Sammantha

Abandoned reviewed by Monika

Abandoned book coverThe best book I ever read is Abandoned written by Patricia H. Rushford. The book is number 12 of the whole series of Jennie McGrady Mystery. In this book Jennie is solving the mystery of the baby who was found in a dumpster sixteen years ago. Confusing Jennie found that her classmate is the little baby, Anna Phillips. Together are trying solve the dangerous case. Check this out why her mother didn’t want her and throw away or it wasn’t her….. HaVe fUn ReAdInG!!!!

review submitted by Monika