The Throne of Fire reviewed by Merrily

Throne of Fire The Throne of Fire, book 2 in the Kane Chronicles

by Rick Riordan

Hello! I would like to tell you all about the second book in the series the Kane Chronicles; The Throne of Fire. I literally finished it about five minutes ago and I couldn’t wait to write a review! This book is thriving with adventure and even a little romance. I’d probably suggest it for ages 11-15, since there is A LOT about Egyptian history! The story is: Carter and Sadie Kane, brother and sister, have recovered from the battle of the Red Pyramid and are searching for the three sections of the Book of Ra (the sun god that went to sleep thousands of years ago who is also the god of Ma’at or Order). An evil Russian magician named Vladmir Menshikov, who is a part of the first Nome in Egypt, plots to awaken Apophis the snake god of chaos, and destroy the world. On the journey to completing the Book of Ra, Carter and Sadie meet an old friend of the cat goddess, Bast, who becomes an unlikely friend to the both of them, and teaches them things they would never have figured out on their own. All in all this book is worth reading, and has a lot of history in it; not to mention hieroglyphs, and a lovable baboon name Khufu!  

review submitted by Merrily