The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

The Replacement book coverGentry appears to be a nice, small town in the United States filled with loving families, friends, and community.  Not quite, though.  Gentry has something horrible dwelling underneath it, full of mayhem and misery. 

Two feuding sisters lurk just beneath the nicely cut lawns.  One sister, who wants nothing more than to be loved, rules the House of Mayhem.  The other sister, who thrives on cruelty, torture, and blood, rules over House of Misery. The sisters rule a mash up of people, if you can even call them that, which live in between dead and undead–some with mouths full of maggots and others with horrible scars.  

An unspoken agreement between Gentry and these two houses exists: every seven years one child of Gentry is taken and replaced with a child of the House of Misery.  The Gentry child is sacrificed to please the House of Misery.  If all goes as planned then both Gentry and the House of Misery live happy and content.  These “replacement” children usually don’t live long in Gentry. The families they’re stuck with just can’t bring themselves to love the replacement children. Except for one: Mackie. Mackie  is a replacement that has lived longer than almost any other, but now he finds himself in a weakening state.  He’s dying, and after his sister strikes a deal with the House of Mayhem to get Mackie a cure for what ails him, Mackie must reunite with his real family in the depths of the House of Mayhem.  As Mackie gets more and more involved with the House of Mayhem he begins to uncover secrets about his family, the town of Gentry, and how the houses of Mayhem and Misery really began.  This very twisted and disturbing tale is reminiscent of a good horror movie and will keep you on edge as Mackie digs deeper and deeper in the creepiness of Gentry, Misery, and Mayhem.