Stuff of Legend

Stuff of legend Stuff of Legend

Story by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith.  Illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III and design and color by Jon Conkling and Michael DeVito.

I picked up Stuff of Legend recently and was surprised.  At first, I really had no idea what this graphic novel would be about.  Obviously from the cover and title you can tell it has to do with toys in some kind of adventure.  What surprised me, though, was how dark and creepy this book really is!  We begin the story in the real world of a young boy’s bedroom during the time of World War II.  We come in right as the boy is kidnapped from his bed by the Boogeyman, who takes him into the realm of the Dark.  His toys and loyal dog witness the kidnapping and vow to rescue him from the Dark.  When the toys crossover into the realm of the Dark they turn into what they actually are.  So, for example, the cute and cuddly teddy bear turns into a vicious actual bear.  This is definitely not a book for young kids!  What the toys have to face to rescue their missing boy is gruesome yet exciting.  Click here to find Stuff of Legend at the Library and see if the toys can rescue their human boy from the realm of the dark and the evil Boogeyman.

Checkout a sample of the art from Stuff of Legend by clicking here.