Sneak Peeks!

Here’s another round up of some sneak peeks inside upcoming Teen fiction books:

Garth Nix’s A Confusion of Princes just hit bookshelves this month.  If you are still waiting to get your hands on a copy of Nix’s latest book, a pure sci-fi read with space wars and dangerous aliens, then click here to read the first few chapters of the book!

Click here to download the first five chapters of the new book Shadow and Bone by Leigh BardugoShadow and Bone won’t hit bookshelves until June 5, and it sounds like a pretty interesting read: In a Russian fantasy setting a young woman in the army, Alina, discovers that she has a rare magical power and is taken into The Grishna, an order of magic users where she may  be the only one that can save the nation.

If you want a sampler of some really good reads for the summer, then click here to check out Harper Teen’s Story Crush Teen Sampler.  In it you will find a sample of six different stories: The Carrie Diaries, Before I Fall, Kiss, Crush, Collide, Slide, Ruthless, and The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers.  This is really a great way to test out a book before you commit to reading the entire thing!