Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie reviewed by Lexi

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

In Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, a boy named Scott is entering his first year at Zenger High School. While Scott is faced with troubling classes and drifting friends, he balances writing weekly sports reviews for the school paper along with a couple of other extra activities. One day, he gets news that nobody ever expected-he’s going to be a big brother! So, with knowing this, Scott writes daily entries to his microscopic brother about how to survive the beginning of high school. No experience at high school is ever complete without a little bit of drama. Scott has had his eye on a girl for a while now and tries many times to get her attention. But a freaky girl with to metal all over her face, vomit green hair, and shirts that are indescribable transfers to Zenger, and Scott found her interesting. And who knows, the two people from different worlds that face the same judgmental people five times a week just might be perfect for each other.

review submitted by Lexi