Shift by Jennifer Bradbury

Shift book cover

You and your best friend head West on a cross-country bike trek. You get into a fight and stop riding together. Your end point was Seattle.  You reach it and go home and start college.  You assumed your former best friend did, too, except you find out he didn’t…

This is the situation Chris finds himself in when he’s confronted by an FBI agent during his first week at college.  His best friend Win (short for Winston) never came back home from their bike trip and that makes Chris the last person to have seen or talked to him.  Instead of just being Win’s best friend, Chris finds that the FBI agent and Win’s family are starting to think Chris had something to do with the disappearance.  You’ll find out exactly what did play out as the story moves back and forth from the present circumstances to the cross country bike trek– Chris’s mind begins to shift and things begin to click into place with what really happened to Win.