Reviews by You!

the Running Dream book coverThe Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

The Running Dream is an amazing book. One reason I like this book is because I can relate to the main character, Jessica. Jessica loves to run and so do I. Another reason I love this book is because there is always an interesting climax going on. It is not one of those books that you have to break into. I would rate this book 5/5 stars.

Review submitted by Jenna.


Troy HighTroy High by Shana Norris

A book about two friends who go to rivaling schools. They work together to try to save their friendship while being loyal to their school.

Review submitted by Karina.



Marked book cover

Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Although it is a book about vampires, it was very enjoyable to read and almost seemed realistic. This book begins with Zoey’s unusual marking as a vampire and continues through her change from a fledgling to a full adult vampire.

Review submitted by Sonia.


JanuaryConspiracy 365: January by Gabrielle Lord

This is the first of twelve books in the Conspiracy 365 series. It’s an action packed story of a 15-year-old fugitive accused of attempted murder. A family heritage causes all this chaos along the way.

Review submitted by Emma.



The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney

I enjoyed The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney very much. My favorite part was when the senior citizens came to the Valentine’s Day dance and ruined it. I liked how the story was very suspenseful.

Review submitted by Irene.



Mad About Super Heroes

Mad About Super Heroes Edited by Nick Meglin & John Ficarra

This book was really fun and made fun of Batman a lot. The small strips were the best or the classic art with the super heroes added.

Review submitted by Kathleen.



The Last Olympian by Rick Riordian

I think this book was really great because it was full of action and suspense. This book kept me wanting to read more… one of my favorites!

Review submitted by Grace.



EmblazeEmblaze by Jessica Shirvington

Violet is an angel and she is in love with an exile Phoenix and another angel Lincoln. Phoenix betrayed her and she can’t be with Lincoln. Phoenix is trying to get the scriptures from her and is threatening her family and friends to get it.

Review submitted by Stephanie.



Belle EpoqueBelle Epoque by Elizabeth Ross

Just as a foil is placed under a jewel to make it shine, a Repoussoir is a companion to a beautiful girl just to make her stand out more. In France, Maude desperately needs a job to survive, so she becomes a Repoussoir. She is a “hideous” girl who is hired by an aristocratic family to accompany their daughter for her season. But is the feeling of rejection and ignorance worth the thousands of dollars and glamour?

Review submitted by Nida.


the Enemy book coverThe Enemy by Charlie Higson

All the zombies (grown ups) have been diseased 16 years ago and their offsprings were not harmed. So now only kids rule the world and it’s up to the kids to survive and not get eaten by the zombies.

Review submitted by Atit.