Ranger’s Apprentice Book Four: The Battle for Skandia reviewed by Anna

Battle for SkandiaRanger’s Apprentice Book Four: The Battle for Skandia by John Flanagan

The well-awaited series returns! Readers will not be disappointed by the 4th installment of John Flanagan’s best selling series. This book is filled with battles, triumphs, odd allies, and the characters we have grown to love.
Set in Skandia, the adventure starts off when Evanlyn gets taken away. Will, who is still weak, decides to chase after his friend’s captor. Apprentice and Master are soon reunited over an odd turn of events. But going home is not an option. Halt makes a devastating discovery, Temujai warriors have invaded Skandia! If Skandia falls, the Temujai will control the sea, and eventually Araulen. Halt, Horace, Erak, Evanlyn and Will must all fight for their lives if they want to save each other and their countries.

Readers will fly through the pages, waiting on the edge of their seats as the story unfolds. They will experience heart pounding fear for their favorite characters and shouts of joy as well.  This book is on the whole very well done. The age group is said to be nine through twelve, but I believe this to be misleading. Any teenager or adult, who loves to read, can enjoy this book. Also there are a lot of words that a 9 through 12 years old would not understand. The resolution is very pleasing, but skips over a few things. Things that were mentioned in the third book are not explained or resolved.
On a lighter note Mr. Flanagan tells the story of his characters extremely well. Halt’s lines are filled with his own grim and humorous personality. Will is brave and striving to help others. Horace is still a warrior who will protect his friends. Evanlyn is a stubborn and hardy character. Erak is still the enjoyable character we all love to read about. Exchanges between the characters make the story memorable, particularly the ones between Erak and Halt and Will and Halt.  The plot is thick and beautifully done. There are battles and plots that will blow the reader away. The pages are never wasted and are not too filled either. The story will leave the reader cheering and counting days on their calendar till book five. We will all be waiting for the return of our heroes.

review submitted by Anna