Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Humans who turn into invincible wolves, wizards protecting secret sites, conspiracies, forbidden love, and even a supernatural love triangle.  Nightshade has it all–including a strong and interesting female lead.  The story centers on Calla.  When we first meet her, she is in her wolf form.  She is the alpha of her pack, the Nightshades, who are destined to protect the next generation of keepers.  The Keepers are magicians who protect sacred spiritual sites and control the wolf packs.  Calla and her pack mate Bryn are patrolling the mountains they are sworn to protect, when the come upon Shay, a human guy about their age who is out hiking.  He is under attack from a big grizzly bear.  Calla can’t figure out what compels her to save Shay, but in doing so she exposes her secret–that she is a human who can transform into a wolf.  After Calla saves Shay’s life she realizes she has a strange attraction to him.  But she has to ignore her attraction because he is just a human and she is set to join with another pack’s alpha, Ren.  She knows that this is her destiny, and that she has no choice in who she can love.  Things get complicated, though, when Shay shows up at their elite school as a new student.  Shay is determined to learn more about Calla and unfortunately the more Shay finds out, the more danger he and Calla get into.

So, I was surprised to find that I loved this book!  I picked it up because there was a ton of hype surrounding it, and of course there were comparisons to Twilight–a love triangle, forbidden romance, and supernatural elements all guarantee that any book will be compared to Twilight.  I thought that Nightshade was an excellent read.  The mythology that Cremer creates regarding the wolves and magic is believable.  Also, the love story is not too dramatic either.  But what I liked best about Nightshade was that the main character Calla was a strong female!  Not only does Calla save Shay’s life twice, she also is fighting against the life that is imposed upon her.

Nightshade is the first book in a planned trilogy.  Click here to find Nightshade, the first book in the trilogy, in the Library.  Click here to find Wolfsbane the second book and here to find Bloodrose the third and final book that was just published last week!