The Dragon Princess reviewed by Merrily

The Dragon PrincessMy entry is about The Dragon Princess. I like this book because is about a teen princess who is cursed in a way. When she gets angry she turns into a dragon! The story is set in a castle in a place called Greater Grensword, a princess who is turning 15 is getting ready to have her birthday party that’s going to be at her castle when her mom and dad say she has to go to her grandparents’ castle for her party! She REALLY doesn’t want to go there because she knows shes going to get mad and her grandparents don’t know she turns into a dragon. The next day while she is at her party she gets mad and turns into a dragon and she tries to find the blue witch so she can control herself. Her friends come with her and their names are Zoe, Francis, and Simon-Leo.

reviewed submitted by Merrily