Lucky T reviewed by Urszula

Lucky T book coverLucky T is one great adventure. My friends inspired me to read it because it was a great page turner. As soon as I read the inside cover I knew this book would be the one for me.

Carrie is a girl who has all the luck she could possibly have. From the cutest boyfriend in school to being the only sophomore girl on the varsity basketball team. When her mom sends her Lucky T accidentally to India, Carrie is determined to get it back, but along the way she realizes that there is maybe more to life than having luck.

I really enjoyed this book. It was indeed a great page turner. I liked how Carrie goes above and beyond to find a silly T-shirt. To travel around the world like that was crazy, but maybe it was meant to be. It leads her to new friends, love and a completely new life. The new Carrie at the end of this novel might just surprise you.

My only dislike about this book was the author’s lack of the setting. It didn’t make me feel like I was really there. Kate Brian should have included more detail about Indian culture, people’s lives and their customs.

You wouldn’t like this book if you are looking for teenager drama and high school life. Some is portrayed at the beginning, but most of it is about Carrie’s life in India. If that is all you read you could still give it a try and enjoy this adventurous novel.

If you love adventure and romance then this book is perfect for you. As a ninth grader in high school I really enjoyed it. This book is great for high school students because it shows how life actually is beyond high school walls. It also shows how people can change themselves, make enemies best friends, and be a more helpful person to others.

reviewed submitted by Urszula