Life as it Comes by Anne-Laure Bondoux

Life as it Comes

by Anne-Laure Bondoux

Life as it Comes is the French pick for our 2012 Book Crossing program with our Sister City Sèvres, France.  It is a great read to pick up this summer, especially because it centers on the first summer that two sisters spend together after the death of their parents due to a car accident. 

Mado is fifteen and Patty is twenty.  You would think the opposite was true, though, because Mado is the responsible one and Patty is the reckless one.  Mado makes the dinners, makes sure that the bills are paid, and is always doing homework so that she gets good grades.  As long as Mado does well in school and makes it look like everything is OK, then the social workers will let Patty keep custody of Mado.  Patty, however, is everything but OK.  She leaves Mado alone all the time, and it is when Patty gets home from one of these weekends away that she reveals to Mado that she is pregnant. 

Patty’s pregnancy could ruin everything, especially because it could mean that she would no longer be able to care for Mado.  The sisters don’t know what to do and are afraid of their social workers finding out.  So, they continue on as if nothing’s wrong and go ahead with their planned summer vacation at their family home in Southern France.  For awhile, their summer is perfect.  They even meet two brothers who are vacationing from Amsterdam and have a bit of summer romance.  However, as the days grow shorter and autumn approaches, Mado and Patty have to come to terms with Patty’s pregnancy and try to do what’s best for themselves and for the new baby.

As I said, Life as it Comes is the perfect summer read if you want a little bit of drama, a little bit of romance, and a really great story about what it means to be a family after a tragedy.  Click here to find Life as it Comes in the Library today and be sure stop in at the Library to learn more about our Book Crossing program.