Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu

Legend is a book that had a lot of hype surrounding it. So when I sat down to read I wondered if it would live up to all of the hype. Legend wasn’t legendary, but it was pretty good and it stands apart from other dystopian (books similar to The Hunger Games) novels that have come out in the past year.  What makes Legend stand out? First, there’s the font: it’s gold- I thought that was really cool. I’ve read a LOT of books and none of them so far have had gold colored font. The chapters written from Day’s perspective, the notorious teen criminal on the run from the Republic, are in gold. Then the chapters written by June, the genius future star of the Republic’s security force, are in black.

Another great element is the action in the book. Right from the beginning you’re pulled into one of Day’s daring missions to try and help his family.  This mission goes terribly wrong when one of the Republic’s security guards tries to stop Day and ends up losing his life.  What makes matter worse is that it security guard was also June’s brother. A brother, who was like a father to her, since their parents died a few years back.  June is assigned to track down Day and bring him to justice for killing her brother.  But once June and Day meet face to face it turns out perhaps avenging her brother’s death isn’t the real answer to her or the Republic’s problems.