Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Hourglass “I see dead people…” (Do you guys even know what movie that’s from or am I really that old?) Emerson Cole sees dead people- at least she’s always assumed they’re ghosts.  Seeing ghosts has definitely kept Emerson’s life interesting. She started seeing them right before her parents tragically died 4 years ago, and since seeing ghosts isn’t exactly “normal”, Em ended up being committed and pumped so full of drugs she was zombie-like. 

After her stint in the hospital, Em went to a boarding school awhile, but her hallucinations made that experienced short lived.  Now she finds herself living back in Tennessee with her brother, Thomas and his wife. All Em has wanted is to live a “normal” life without any ghosts popping up freaking her out. Her brother Thomas may have finally found someone who can help, Michael Weaver from the Hourglass organization.   Turns out Michael actually might help Em because unlike all the other quacks her brother has dragged her, Michael sees things too- and it’s doesn’t hurt that he’s not bad on the eyes either. 

Michael and The Hourglass organization, who’s founder was killed several months ago, bring Emerson into a secretive world with possibilities she never imagined. Her visions may be much more than seeing ghosts, and together she and Michael may ignite powers Em can’t even imagine.   Hourglass is a very unique, fast paced story. You’ll want to get to the bottom of things and find what the real deal is with Michael and the other members of the Hourglass organization.  The twists of this story will keep you guessing and you might just stay up all night reading (I did)– it’s that good.