Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Sophie knows she’s a witch.  She doesn’t know much magic, but she knows she has the natural ability.  Her father, who she’s never met, is a warlock.  Sophie’s mother has brought her up as best as any mortal could while trying to teach her daughter everything she knew about magic.  That’s how Sophie knew how to do the love spell that got her into trouble.  It wasn’t a love spell for her, though, it was for a girl on prom night that Sophie just happened to come across crying in the girl’s bathroom.  With good intentions, Sophie performs the spell to give the girl a perfect prom night.  However, when you’ve had no formal training in witchcraft, you’re bound to make mistakes.  Sophie makes a big one: turning a potential prom date into a love crazed maniac.

As punishment for her reckless spell casting, Sophie is sent to Hecate Hall, a.k.a. Hex Hall.  Hex Hall is a reform school for Prodigium (witches, fairies, and shapeshifters).  While everyone else at Hex Hall knows all about the Prodigium life, Sophie is clueless since she was raised by a mortal.  Sophie is miserable, having made a bad impression on her first day.  The only friendship she finds is in her roommate Jenna, a vampire who they have just recently let into the school.  Three beautiful and popular witches have declared Sophie their enemy after she refuses to join their coven, Sophie instantly starts crushing on an unattainable guy, and one of the teachers is definitely out to get her.  Sophie’s student life can’t get much worse…that is, until students start getting attacked and Jenna gets blamed.

This summary barely scratches the surface of the story in Hex Hall.  There is a lot going on in this novel: mystery, supernatural creatures, action and adventure, and even romance.  The characters of Sophie and Jenna are likeable and the relationships that develop amongst the students in Hex Hall are fun to read about.  There are also a lot of really interesting supporting characters.  This novel reminded me a little of Harry Potter, however, there was a lot more mystery here.  Pick this book up if you like a good fantasy read that has a little bit of everything.

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