Fleece Tie Pillow craft by Haley

Fleece tie pillows are a very creative craft to do.

1st- you will need to buy 2 pieces of fleece and have measured.

2nd- you need to cut out the square ends on each side.

3rd- you need to start tying the pillow together with the other piece of fabric.

** Also make sure when you tie the pillow that all sides are tied in a knot evenly and connected.

4th- continue tying the pillow but leave one side open to put polyester cotton in.

5th- then you put the cotton in on the open side.

6th- if it is a big pillow then you will need a whole bag, but if its a small pillow 13 by 13 inch then you will only need half of the bag of cotton.

7th- then your pillow is completed and you will be able to take it with you when you travel in the car or have it as a extra pillow for you to sleep on.

craft submitted by Haley

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