Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

You don’t find many supernatural fiction reads that have dragons as the main character.  Usually, you find dragons in fantasy novels where they are the evil creatures that terrorize the lands.  However, in Sophie Jordan’s Firelight, she gives us a novel where dragons are shapeshifters who are being hunted to extinction.  For Jacinda, being a dragon is her natural form but she can shapeshift to a human form.  This is how her species has been able to survive to modern day.  Jacinda longs to be free and fly during the day, but her Pride has forbidden it.  One day, Jacinda breaks the rules and goes out flying only to be discovered by dragon hunters.  When Jacinda almost reveals her Pride to the hunters, she and her family are forced to leave the Pride because Jacinda’s mother fears for her daughter’s safety from retaliation for Jacinda’s carelessness.

What follows is the story of Jacinda and her family struggling to survive in the mortal world and stay safe.  They fear their Pride and the life they may force Jacinda to lead, and they also fear being found out by the hunters.  Jacinda complicates matters when she begins a forbidden romance with Will, the son of a dragon hunter that is being groomed to be a hunter himself.

Firelight is a great read!  It is packed with action and adventure, as well as a good romance story between Jacinda and Will.  Pick this book up if you want a different spin on the typical supernatural story or if you want to read a book where dragons are the good guys!  Also, check out the book trailer for Firelight: