Book Trailer of the Week– The Blessed by Tonya Hurley

This week’s book trailer of the week is for The Blessed by Tonya Hurley.  This novel centers on three different teenage girls.  Each of these girls finds themselves in the same emergency room on the same night.  Agnes is the kind of girl who tries to do everything right, but ends up feeling miserable, and tries to kill herself after her most recent breakup.  Cecilia is a very talented musician, but she is heading down the wrong path and parties a little too hard.  Then there’s Lucy.  She is a famous socialite who has everything anyone could want, unfortunately, that comes with a price, and she is brought into the ER because of an accidental overdose.  After each of these girls are treated and released from the ER, they are visited by an enigmatic stranger.  What follows is a strange story that connects the three girls’ fates together as they mirror the saints they are named for.  Sebastian holds the key, however, to the truth about why these girls’ lives mirror the saints’ lives.  Click here to find The Blessed in the Library!