Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Anya's Ghost book cover Wouldn’t it be nice to have the answers to the pop quiz whispered in your ear? Or have someone to fill you in on your crush’s every move?  That would make high school so much easier. 

One day while storming home from another crappy day at school Anya stumbles into a well, where she finds a skeleton and ghost, too.   After being rescued from the well, Anya realizes that she didn’t leave the ghost in the well and it’s now following her around.  It goes by the name of Emily Reilly.  Emily ends up being really helpful for Anya, she looks at other students’ answers on tests and fills Anya in.   Suddenly, Anya is acing all of classes instead of almost failing.  Emily’s been really handy with helping Anya connect with her crush Sean, and she even got invited to a party and scored a ride with Sean.  Anya suddenly feels almost popular instead of a nobody.  

 But after the party Anya begins to realize that perhaps Emily has ulterior motives and maybe she’s not the friendly ghost that she seems…  Perhaps, she’s causing more harm than good in Anya’s life.  If you’re looking for a ghost story with much more than a good scare, Anya’s Ghost is a funny, relatable, yet creepy tale and is a sure pick.