Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

Angelfire Angelfire book coverby Courtney Allison Moulton

Ellie believes that the nightmares she has are only nightmares, but the horrifying dark monsters that terrify her in the night seem so real.  When Ellie turns 17, her nightmares become reality and she meets Will.  Will is Ellie’s Guardian, because Ellie is a Preliator, an ancient warrior that is given the power to kill reapers (the dark monsters that she dreams of).  As Ellie begins to train and spend more time with Will, she learns that she has lived the life of the Preliator for hundreds of years and every time she is killed she comes back without the memories of her life and powers before.  Will has been her Guardian all this time and he has to find her every time she is reborn and helps her remember her true self.  This life for Ellie is different, however, because she is only remembering bits and pieces of her old lives which makes it harder for her to access her true power.  This life is also different for Ellie because the dark reapers are getting closer to waging war on humanity, but in order to do that they must destroy Ellie’s soul so that she cannot be reborn to protect the human race once more.

Angelfire is a great read for anyone who wants an action packed supernatural read.  The mythology in Angelfire is centered on angels; one that Moulton has carefully crafted and explained. The main character of Ellie is strong but flawed: since she cannot remember her true nature, Ellie does have a hard time becoming a true warrior.  However, the battles that she endures in the book and the way she handles not knowing her true self make her a very relate-able character.  Ellie is a character that is molded after the Buffy type: a strong, kick-butt female who struggles with what it takes to stay strong with also wanting to be a normal teenage girl.  She also has a funny, surly attitude that gives this novel a humorous undertone (much like Buffy).