3 Book Reviews from Haley

Haley is one of our teen patrons who we can always count on for reviews.  Here are a few of her recent reviews:

SummerBoys I read Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott and it was about 3 girls who try to find their first guy. They try to find him and fall in love for the first time but they are in high school. This book was a good book but kind of slow in the first two chapters. I would recommend it.

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Tuesdays I read Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch album. It was about a man named Mitch you has ALS and needs some help. It was a good book but also sad. I would recommend it.

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SafeHaven I read Safe Heaven by Nicolas Sparks. It wasn’t my favorite books by him. It was about a girl and how she is trying to find the right guy to date and be with. Then she finds him and they get together. It is a good book but I would recommend all the others of his especially The Notebook, The Lucky One, The Last Song, as well as A Walk to Remember.

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