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Mister Yes by Carmen Gil 

Mister Yes by Carmen GilAre you like Mister Yes, who says “Yes” to everything? Maybe the word “No” is not even part of your vocabulary? Like Mister Yes, will you eat a bowl of hummingbird poop and slug slime? When a sneaky salesman knocks on your door, do you say yes and  buy from him a tennis racket without any strings, or a broken telephone  you could use to talk only to yourself? Read this book to see if you are like Mister Yes, who had to learn the hard way that it’s not very nice to do mean things to others, just because he doesn’t want to use the word No. This could be a life-changing book for those of you who always say yes to those who ask you for a something. Maybe it’s time to learn it’s ok to sometimes say the small, yet powerful  word,  “No”.

Book reviewed by Darice C., Youth Services Assistant

The Good Little Book by Kyo Maclear

Cover image for The good little bookThe Good Little Book, by Kyo Maclear, is just that, a good little book. It is neither the most popular book, nor the most thick or glossy. It has a simple cover, and just continued to sit on the shelf where it was placed along with all the other books. And that is where it stayed. But this story also has a little boy. And when the little boy passed the quiet shelf, that’s when the Good Little Book caught his attention. The little boy picked up the Book and began to open it. That’s when the friendship began. The little boy carried his favorite Book everywhere he went. The Good Little Book was so powerful that it actually caused the boy to read this Good Little Book over and over again. Then, read it some more. This Little Book had the ability to capture its reader and carry the little boy to strange and marvelous lands. It caused him to chuckle, and became his best friend. Until one day, the boy lost the book.  Oh, goodness. Now we  are all waiting for you to come visit us at the Mount Prospect Library and to find this intriguing tale, and see what really is inside the Good Little Book !

Book reviewed by Darice C., Youth Services Assistant

Out of the Woods: A True Story of an Unforgettable Event by Rebecca Bond

Cover image for Out of the woods : a true story of an unforgettable eventOut of the Woods, by Rebecca Bond, is an amazing story. It is a true tale written about an event that took place during the childhood of the author’s grandfather. Living in the deep woods of Ontario, Canada, five-year-old Antonio grew up in his family’s hotel. It was surrounded by thick forest of trees. It was also surrounded by numerous wild animals, like foxes, bobcats, deer, bears, and even more. A lot of people lodged there, including lumberjacks (people who cut down trees), fisherman, and hunters. Then one day, because of a tragic event, something amazing happened. I have never heard of such an incredible thing! Open this good book to read about an unforgettable experience. I wish I could have been there!

Book reviewed by Darice C., Youth Services Assistant

Ungifted by Gordon Korman

syndetics-lcWhat a heap of trouble Donavon Curtis is in this time! Didn’t think things were going to turn out THAT bad, eh? Now what to do, and where to hide? However, by some incredible stroke of luck, Donovan is accepted into the well-admired Academy for Scholastic Distinction Gifted School. What everybody is wondering, though, is just HOW did he get in? Read this amazingly funny book, to “find out” what happens when Donavon Curtis is “found out!”

Book reviewed by Darice C., Youth Services Assistant

Zoobreak! by Gordon Korman

syndetics-lcCalling all young adventure seekers everywhere! This book is for every warmhearted, courageous, animal-loving human being! Zoobreak! the second book in a series by Gordon Korman, is about a group of kids trying to instill order and honesty back to their community. After Cleo, Savannah’s pet monkey, goes missing, Griffin and his talented friends believe they found Cleo at a local zoo. Seeing all the animals badly neglected and mistreated, these spirited youngsters whip up a daring plot to rescue them…ALL of them! But trouble arises taking care of these rambunctious critters and these daring young rebels need to find these animals a better home. What do you think will become of these zoo animals? Will the critter-napping  kids ever get caught? Or will they help to bring justice to the real animal thieves?

Book reviewed by Darice C., Youth Services Assistant

The Mozart Question by Michael Morpurgo

Mozart QuestionWhen young journalist Lesley is sent to Venice to interview world-renowned violinist Paolo Levi, she is warned not to ask the forbidden “Mozart Question”. As she meets Paolo, it is the musician himself who decides to speak about his mysterious background. Paolo heartfully reveals the truth about his haunting past, and the journalist begins to see how one group of musicians were kept alive by playing their music. This story reveals the beauty of music to bring people together, and inspire the heart even through the most difficult times.

Review by Darice C., Youth Services Assistant

Stories of the Holocaust can pull at your heart, and that is certainly true of The Mozart Question by Michael Morpurgo.  Even as a very young boy in post World War II Venice, Paoli Levi was drawn to play and study the violin.  He knew his parents would never approve though–but why?  Slowly, gently, he learns the reason that lay hidden for many years in his parents’ memories of their imprisonment in a concentration camp.  A story told through words and drawings, this book looks not only at the cruelty and sadness of war, but also at the healing power of music and family.  I recommend it to 4th through 7th graders who would like to read a heartfelt, sensitive book.



The Name of This Book is… Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

syndetics-lcAre you able to keep a secret? Perhaps a secret about your very best friend? Or a secret concerning an extraordinary discovery?  Or about how many Twinkies you really ate after dinner last night?  The Name of the Book Is… Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch is an amazing book is all about secret, potions, smells, hidden places and secret identities……  Is the dead magician Pietro really dead? What about those missing pages from that mysterious book? And why does Ms. Mauvais always wear gloves?  Follow Cass and Max-Ernst into the world of hidden rooms, creepy pyramids and a place that could happen even in your own hometown.


It’s a secret that will drive you mad…..


Shhh! Just keep the secret……


Book read by Darice Castino, Library Assistant

Diamond of Darkhold by Jeanne Du Prau

syndetics-lc  Sneaking around your house in the middle of the night can get you in trouble. You can’t see where you’re going, you bump into all kinds of things, and you sometimes find out you’re not all alone. That’s what you can expect in the Diamond of Darkhold by Jeanne DuPrau. Lina and Doon meet a roamer who comes to their town of Sparks. They are interested in a book he is selling, a strange book that is from their former city, Ember. Wanting to decipher its meaning, they return back to the dark city only to discover hidden secrets lurking. Can something valuable be down there? Unearth the mystery as you explore the final book in the City of Ember series.

Book read by Darice C., Library Assistant

Learning to Fly by Sebastian Meschenmoser

syndetics-lc Learning to Fly by Sebastian Meschenmoser is a story about a penguin who wants to fly like the other birds.  He makes his way through the skies until someone tells him that penguins can’t fly. The penguin and a man spend a lot of time thinking up ideas to get him back into the air.  He studies how to fly, practices exercising, and invents a lot of ways to be like his feathered friends.  See what happens when you believe in yourself!

Book read by Darice C., Library Assistant

The OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Litchenheld

syndetics-lcDoes it seem like you try to do a lot of different things but can’t seem to do all of them very well? You can swim, but you are not the best. Maybe you play baseball, but not really well. Perhaps you can flip pancakes, catch bugs, even blow bubbles with juicy bubblegum, but still need a lot more practice. Well, I think that The OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is just the book for you !  This is a simple yet clever picture book that teaches that we all are OK at a lot of things, and that it’s OK to not be perfect.  Just have fun doing whatever you do, and keep on trying your very best.  One day you will see that you are amazingly good at something, and it’s good to be OK at just about everything else.

Book reviewed by Darice C., Library Assistant