News from Youth Services Category: For Grades 2-4

Garlic and the Witch

by Bree Paulsen

Garlic and the Witch book cover

Garlic is back in another adventure with Count! Witch Agnes needs more ingredients from the magic market to make her remedies, so Garlic and Count go to get them for her. Garlic learns that she and the other vegetables were all grown by magic, and eventually they will all turn human. Garlic is not so sure about change, but she decides to keep moving forward. Garlic and Count have to fly to the magic market (Count turns into a bat and Garlic uses a magic broom), but Garlic falls out of the sky and has to figure out how to get to the magic market on land. Will Garlic find Count? Will they make it back to Witch Agnes? Read on to find out!

Apple of My Pie

by Mika Song

apple of my pie book cover

Apple of My Pie is a cute story about how Grandpa Squirrel falls into an apple truck and is driven away to an apple orchard. His squirrel family wants to save him, so they use their friends, a bird and a man with a food truck who can read, to figure out where Grandpa has been taken. The family makes it to the apple orchard and fall into the assembly line that makes apple pies to be sold in stores. Will Grandpa and his family get eaten? Will they make it back to their city home? Read this story to find out.

Bug Scouts: Out in the Wild

by Mike Lowery

bug scouts in the wild book cover

Hey Fly Guy Fans! We have your next book to read. Meet the Bug Scouts, Doug, Abby and Josh. Doug and Abby love everything about the Bug Scouts from hiking to nature exploring. and Doug well he is just here for the snacks. These bugs are on a mission to get their next badge. Follow them along in this easy-to-read graphic novel for those beginning to read on their own. Grab your binoculars and boots and get ready for a wacky adventure with your new bug friends!  

Bunbun & Bonbon: Hoppy Go Lucky

by Jess Keating

bunbun and bonbon: hoppy go lucky book cover

Bunbun and Bonbon have lost their luck. Will they be able to get it back? They ask their friends Scout Von Fluffington, Tom the duck, and Rosie Stardrop Sparklepants the unicorn for help. Is there a good-luck trap and a waterfall involved? Read the story to find out!