Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix

syndetics-lcUprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a story about three girls working in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory during the horrible fire there in 1911 that killed almost 200 people. People were unhappy with the poor pay and terrible working conditions and had gone on strike.  One thing the owners of the factory would do was lock the girls in because they were worried they might steal things and run away.  The first girl is Bella, from Italy, who is trying to send money home to support her mother and siblings.  The second girl is Yetta, a Jewish girl from Russia who is living with her sister and is active in the strike movement.  The third girl is Jane, a rich widower’s daughter, who is tired of having a governess and having to deal with silly social engagements.  Who survives the fire and who does not?