The Year Money Grew on Trees by Aaron R. Hawkins

syndetics-lcIn The Year Money Grew on Trees by Aaron R. Hawkins, Jackson is only 14 years old when he makes an unusual deal with the neighbor lady next door.  She owns an orchard with 300 apple trees, but since her husband died a few years ago, no one has taken care of it.  If Jackson could get the orchard to produce apples again and make over $8,000, he could “maybe” become the owner.  He has no idea how to grow apples or how much money the apples would make if he did get to sell them.  He talks his cousins into helping him, and it is amazing what they go through to get the trees to produce apples.  After all their hard work, will he really get to keep the orchard, or was he being tricked by the neighbor lady and her son?