The Theft and the Miracle by Rebecca Wade

The Theft and the Miracle Do you like Christmas stories that are also mysteries?  I hope so because you’re going to enjoy reading The Theft and the Miracle by Rebecca Wade! Overweight, suffering from acne, and feeling insecure, Hannah Price does not have many friends.  But what she does have is talent.  She’s a wonderful artist. When a wooden statue of baby Jesus is stolen from the cathedral after she sketches it, Hannah becomes a suspect. This wasn’t just any statue but one that people felt had a special power.   When a terrible illness travels throughout the city, people are sure that this is because of Hannah. No, the illness isn’t the Bubonic Plague, it’s more like colds, but it spreads like a plague!  Will people stop getting sick? Will Hannah find the statue?  Will she make more friends? And who exactly was the thief?  This is a mystery that will thrill you!

Book reviewed by Anne W., Youth Library Assistant