The Facttracker by Jason Carter Eaton

syndetics-lcDid you ever tell a lie and then have to tell another lie to cover that one up?  And then another and another until your lies were just spinning out of control?  Well, what happens in The Facttracker by Jason Carter Eaton is kind of like that.  Someone called the Just Small Enough Boy accidentally blows up the factory that produces all of the facts, the Facttracker’s twin brother steals the seed of truth, the mayor runs around in his underwear, and the Facttracker eats nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches.  Well… three of those four things are true!  If you’re still not convinced to read this book, consider this– how could a book that begins with a chapter called, “Everyone Loves a Good Explosion,” not be entertaining? 

Book read by Erin E., Youth Programming Coordinator