Strong Man: the Story of Charles Atlas by Meghan McCarthy

syndetics-lcStrong Man: the Story of Charles Atlas by Meghan McCarthy is true story with funny picture. Over one hundred years ago Angelo Siciliano traveled on a steamship from Italy to Ellis Island in New York.  Even though Angelo didn’t know it, he was destined for great things.  Angelo was a smaller kid so growing up in Brooklyn, New York was tough!  He was teased and beat up by bullies.  Even as he grew older, Angelo was harassed and humiliated by others.  He decided it needed to stop, and after seeing a statue of Hercules, he came up with a plan!  Angelo decided to start lifting weights.  The weight lifting didn’t work so well, but a lion at a zoo gave him a new idea.  Angelo came up with own fitness routine.  As he exercised, he began to grow stronger and stronger until he was as strong as an OX!! 

Once his friends started noticing his new muscles, they commented that he looked like the statue of Atlas holding the heavens on his shoulders.  From that time on Angelo, whose nickname was already Charlie, became known as Charles Atlas.  Wanting to show his body off, Angelo became a strongman at a Coney Island sideshow. What famous feats did Charles Atlas complete? How did the world react to him?  Come check out Strong Man to find out!